8 Jun 2015

Primal Cucumber Tomato Salad

Garden Season is upon us! Here in Wisconsin its still a bit early for the majority of produce to be in season yet but, it lies very close in front of us! A very exciting time of
21 Mar 2015

Primal Breakfast Bake

Weekends= cooking! Who am I kidding?! Im cooking ALL the time! However, on my weekends I’m cooking mass amounts of food. Yes, because I have a family of four and Yes, because I have a 15 year
4 Feb 2015

A Winter Sunday

Yes, I am alive and well. I think the last article you have all seen from me was in December from my WEEK ON GIVING! And a good one that was! My family received loads of joy,
19 Dec 2014

Our Week of Giving

Are you ever inspired to give to others? Just because? For no other reason that for the pure joy of helping another fellow human, animal or the planet? For me, there is not much more in this
13 Nov 2014

Classic Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Gavin has been growing his own pumpkins for four years now. He supplies a local garden center with pumpkins, a local health food store and has various other accounts as well. We also keep a nice stock
28 Oct 2014

Celebrating Gavin

11:52 a.m. Thursday, October 28th 1999. Gavin and I finally meet eye to eye! His arrival into this world went smoothly. My mom was by my side to cut his cord. Gavins dad was present in the
26 Oct 2014

Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Several years ago when I began eating Paleo, I began making my own salad dressings. Even most dressings on a health food store shelf that appear to be “organic” and “healthy” have all kinds of sugar, soy,
12 Oct 2014

Add Some PLAY to your day!

I have been writing a whole lot of recipes lately and that’s just fine. I always have lots of requests for them but I have never intended my blogging to be recipes only. I have always had
8 Oct 2014

Healthy Whole Food Pie Crust

Gavin loves pies. He often asks me why I don’t make pie more often. I think my main reason has been because pre made gluten free pie crusts are so expensive. Also they have ingredients in them
5 Oct 2014

Maple Glazed Pecans in a Crockpot

GOOD LORD! This recipe was a brainstorm, a great idea, a terrible idea, yes, all of that! So, the inspiration for this recipe came from Gavin and Dans recent trip to Miller Park. Last Sunday Gavin and